RENAP Officers


Raquel Z. Tejada, RN, CNS
Philippine Heart Center


Ma. Nisan T. Manauis, RN, MAN, CRNC
Vice- President
Fresenius Institute of Dialysis Nursing
Certification Committee


Mercedita V. Jocson, RN, CNN
National Kidney and Transplant Institute
Continuing Education


Teresita Z. Dulay, RN, CNN
Philippine Government Hospital
Ways and Means Committee


Fe. M. Icban, RN, MAN, CRNC
Arellano University


Ma. Belinda B. Evangelista, RN, CNN
National Kidney and Transplant Institute


Emily M. Erro, RN
Administrative Assistant
Philippine Heart Center

Board of Directors


Elizabeth Maningas-Naco RN, CNN
Renal Nurses Association of the Philippines
Board Of Director

Ms. Naco studied Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Arts in Nursing at Arellano University. After rural training for six months, she entered the military service and served there for 22 years. She was also assigned in specialty areas including the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU), Medical Intensive care unit (MICU), Emergency Wards, Thoraco-vascular ward and Renal Hemodialysis Units. She joined RENAP since Nov.1999 and until now she is still active in the organization. Currently, she is associated with Asia Renal Care Phils. Inc where she remains active in her nursing profession.


Ronald  V. Marcelo RN,CNN
Board of Director

Mr. Marcelo worked as a Hemodialysis Nurse and Infection Control Officer at Nephro Systems Phils. Inc. from Dec. 2000 to Sept.2004. He was then promoted as Nursing Care Coordinator in Sept. 2004 until Oct. 2007. After that, he worked abroad in Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies in South America as a Hemodialysis Nurse and later on, he was promoted as Head Nurse from Oct.2009 -June 2012. Coming back to the Philippines, he worked as Nursing Care Coordinator in the Nephro Group of Dialysis Center for 6 months and was later promoted as Nurse Area Manager from May 2013 – June 2014. He has served the RENAP community for 10 years now and is currently one of the RENAP Board of Directors.


Brenda Z. Manalo, RN, CNN
Provident Medical Healthcare & Services, Inc.


Maria Christine A. Decena, RN, CNN
Board of Director

Ms. Decena currently works as a Regional Nurse Manager at Nephro Group of Dialysis Center, managing a total of 9 centers in North of Metro Manila. She has joined RENAP since 2002 during her Asia Renal years and is currently one of the Board of the Directors.

Her experience as a renal nurse includes working as serving as a Hemodialysis staff nurse at Asia Renal Care in Caloocan from 2001-2003 prior to joining NKTI as Nurse II in the Hemodialysis unit from Aug.2003 – Nov. 2007. She joined the Nephro Group of Dialysis Center with Dr. Alberto Frederick Celestial as Medical Director in NCC Caloocan where she served as Head Nurse and Nursing Care Coordinator from 2007-2011.She was then promoted as Nurse Area Manager at the same institution from 2011-2013.


Mariela M. Orioste, RN, MAN, CRNC
Fresenius Institute of Dialysis Nursing
Ethics and Legislation Committee

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