• RENAP Membership Card
  • PRC Card
  • PNA Card
  • Certificate (Dialysis Training)
  • Six months working experience (Volunteer/training non-renal)

      If working as hemodialysis nurse at least 3 months exposure provided with the certificate of induction or COE.

  • For RETAKERS, an additional 12 CPE units of renal related updates is needed
  • Photocopy of all requirements, receipt with original


Registration Fees:

Certification Exam – 550php

Seminar (4 units) – 400php (Member), 550php (Non-Member)

Membership (1year validity) – 350php


Add 2 years from 1 year valid membershp – 650php

3 yrs membership (PVC) – 950php

Accreditation Certificate and ID for new passers and for renewal – 500php

PNA   ID – 400php


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